Evavi Story

What if you could design and develop a full synchronized supply chain suite completely free of legacy technologies? What unique problems would it solve? What new value in the supply chain would it unlock? Who would you choose to be on your team?

After developing the leading supply chain applications that created and defined the supply chain software industry throughout the `90s our founders decided to start a new company – unencumbered by legacy technologies and code base – that would solve the most challenging supply chain problems that have been left unsolved by traditional applications and technologies.

Evavi, Inc. is a privately-held software company located in Dallas, Texas. Since 2001 we have been developing our internet-native supply chain solutions and have been working with select clients. We are pleased to share with you what we have developed and the results we have accomplished in close partnership with our clients.

Evavi is our vision for the future, and we are delivering it now.

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