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At Evavi, we believe our customers are our partners. We understand that Evavi solutions can have big impact on various supply chain business processes. We take pride in understanding our customer’s business model and processes and use the knowledge to meet and exceed their support and sustenance needs. With personalized approach and deep understanding of Evavi solutions and it’s usage by our customer, our support team delivers superior customer experience and help customers achieve value over a long period of time.

We stand-by our promise of easy integration, fast implementation, and top-notch customer support experience. We are committed to developing and sustaining long-term relationships beyond the initial purchase. Our customers help us drive our vision and make our success possible. That’s why we constantly invest in the quality of people and foster a "customer first" philosophy to ensure that your voice is heard in the ongoing development of Evavi solutions and services.

Evavi offers different support packages with different levels of support to meet unique requirements of our customers. Please contact Evavi to inquire more about various available options.

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